Doctor Alert On The Go

The Doctor Alert On The Go 24/7 Connect Alarm is a 24/7 monitored, fully mobile personal alarm for the elderly, including a GPS tracker feature.

Dementia Day Clock

This Dementia Day Clock also features a variety of languages and auto detects and adjust the brightness of the display when in day and night mode.

Safe key storage box realtor lock box_product_image_two
Key Storage Lock Box

When you have this lockbox there is no need to hide your keys under the carpet, flowerpot, or mat. Only tell your 4-digit combination access code…

Smoke detector
Wireless Smoke Detector

High sensitivity smoke detection. Exclusive smoke intelligent algorithm, high sensitivity, no false alarm, strong anti-interference, WiFi connection.

Physiotherapy Device

Portable household high potential
therapy machine for insomnia relief,
headache, immune system and high
blood pressure

Pressure Sensor two
Wireless Seat Sensor

The seat belt reminder sensor mat detects occupants in passenger and rear seats.A seat belt reminder system in the vehicle triggers a warning light and/or an audible..